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Type of pizza boxes

The boxes featuring our proprietary dart design are compatible with nearly 90% of pizza boxes used worldwide. They are utilized in both small, local pizzerias and larger pizza chains, such as from North America: Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, Jet’s Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza, Round Table Pizza. From Europe: Telepizza (Spain), PizzaExpress (United Kingdom), Pizzeria La Piazza (Italy), O’Pizza (France), Joey’s Pizza (Germany), Pizzaiolo (Portugal), Dodo Pizza (Russia), Apache Pizza (Ireland), Kotipizza (Finland), Pizza Max (Germany). From Asia: Al Baik (Saudi Arabia), Sbarro (Philippines), Smokin’ Joe’s (India), Mr. Pizza (South Korea), Pezzo (Singapore), Jumbo Pizza (China), Pizza-La (Japan), The Pizza Company (Thailand), PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) (Indonesia), Snack Attack (India). From South America: Pizzas César (Colombia), Pizzería Banchero (Argentina), Patroni Pizza (Brazil), Pizzeria Rey (Peru), Bocatta (Chile), Pizzeria Verona (Uruguay), Pizzería Roky’s (Peru), Pizzería El Cuartito (Argentina), Papa John’s (Venezuela). From Oceania: Eagle Boys Pizza (Australia), Pizza Haven (Australia), Hell Pizza (New Zealand), Pizza Capers (Australia), Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar (Australia), La Porchetta (Australia and New Zealand), Pizza Club (New Zealand), Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza (New Zealand). From Africa: Debonairs Pizza (South Africa), Pizza Inn (Zimbabwe), Scooters Pizza (South Africa), Romans Pizza (South Africa), Naked Pizza (Kenya), Pizza House (Somalia), Pizza Corner (Mauritius), Panarottis Pizza Pasta (South Africa), Pizza Mojo (Kenya). From Russia: Dodo Pizza, Pizza Fabrika, Pizzatorium, Pizza Smile, Pizza Pomodoro. Our boxes also fit most frozen pizzas from producers such as: Nestlé, Dr. Oetker, Schwan’s Company, General Mills, McCain Foods, Palermo Villa Inc., Orkla, Goodfella’s Pizza, Amy’s Kitchen, Conagra Brands.

The dart designs on our pizza boxes are legally protected, ensuring exclusivity and uniqueness in the market. These designs are available in two aesthetic options to cater to varying preferences: a traditional black and white version with the print on the bottom, allowing your company’s logo to be prominently displayed on the front face of the box. Alternatively, the dart design can be printed on the top side of the box, leaving the choice of placement up to you.

There is no obstacle in utilizing the colorful version of the dart design as well. The color variant of the dartboard print is also legally protected, further emphasizing the exclusivity and distinctiveness of this product offering.

Ideal for pizzerias and dart enthusiasts looking to set their offerings apart, the DARTS PIZZA BOX seamlessly integrates high-quality packaging with an engaging recreational component. By combining these aspects, the DARTS PIZZA BOX delivers an exceptional dining experience that is sure to resonate with customers and increase brand loyalty.

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